Up to 250 Syrian refugees every day could receive emergency medical treatment at new field hospital that's been opened just over the country's border in Jordan.

Syria's neighbour has received over 130,000 people fleeing the conflict in their homeland and today Italy - in conjunction with Jordan's medical services - took its turn to help by opening the mobile medical unit - to see and treat the injured. Italian doctor,Giuseppe Tambussi said: "For the war we have 16 beds but as outpatients we can follow maybe some 100 to 200 patient per day. In previous experience, with this kind of hospital, this is the capacity, the mean capacity for the hospital - 200 to 250 people every day that are visit eight hours a day,"

As the violence in Syria surged last week – with this unverified footage of more shelling in Homs - officials in Jordan said the number of refugees has quadrupled to around 1,000 last week, but for now have settled down to an average of around 250 this week.

Yesterday, after meeting with President Bashar al-Assad for talks International Peace Envoy Kofi Annan meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi. Both men said they looked forward to working with together to try and bring stability to the region. Kofi Annan said: "….I believe, as you've heard me say on many occasions, that Iran has a role to play. And my presence here explains that I believe in that. I don't speak for other countries."