More than 4,700 people have been evacuated from their homes on Spain's Canary Islands because of out of control forest fires due to a heat wave and strong winds. The worst hit-areas are Tenerife, and la Gomera both massively popular tourist destinations that hundreds of thousands British people visit every year.

The fires have so far destroyed 200 hectares of land in Tenerife, and cut road links and power lines on the island. La Gomera has lost 470 hectares of land and, a world famous nature reserve of 'incalculable ecological value'

The people seen here were part of a massive evacuation plan from the islands. Medical staff and ambulances were in attendance to deal with injuries etc. Everyone was quiet and subdued as they disembarked. No doubt pleased that their ordeal was over.

Apart from the Canary Islands the northern province of Galicia, has also been affected by fires in the past few days. This follows the fires in Valencia, just last month, when thousands of people were evacuated, and tragically, the death of four French people, in the border area between Catalonia and France. This latest fire will no doubt hit the struggling economy hard. As the tourism sector has been a major engine of growth for the Spanish economy.

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