Five containers of European aid crossed the Lebanese-Syrian border on Wednesday (November 13) with aid that will be distributed to displaced people inside Syria.

The campaign, organised by European and Palestinian figures, carried blankets, food and medical aid that will be given to people staying at shelters built by the Syrian government for those who had to leave their homes because of the on-going conflict in the country.

"We have food and we have blankets that is the main thing and we want to talk with people in the camps or anywhere and then we want to hear from them what they need and then for the next time or maybe in the coming days when we can do something we try to get food or other things for them," said Rob Groenhuijzen, the chairman of the Netherlands Gaza Foundation.

The conflict between Syrian governmental forces and armed rebels has caused the displacing of millions of Syrians inside Syria with many others fleeing the country.

Rafiq Fris, a Dutch member of the campaign, blamed the major global powers and corporations for not solving the Syrian crisis, saying if there was a large mineral source like oil in the country, they would be motivated to find a solution.

"If there was like minerals or something like that, you know, I am not told by the civil community but the ones who are in the corporations, if there was more they would be more interested," Fris said. "Like in Iraq, if there was oil or these things, then they would be more interested to try and solve the problem to bring peace. But now my impression is that many people, they don't care."

The campaign members praised Syria's government cooperation in facilitating the process.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights more than 115,000 people have been killed in Syria's 2-1/2 year conflict, which grew out of protests which erupted in March 2011 against President Bashar al-Assad's rule.

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