At least five people were killed and 26 others wounded in a car bomb attack that targeted the Shi'ite neighbourhood of Sadr city in eastern Baghdad on Tuesday (May 28), police said.

They said the blast took place next to a bus carrying passengers.

More than 70 people were killed in a wave of bombings in markets in Shi'ite neighbourhoods across Baghdad on Monday (May 27) in worsening sectarian violence in Iraq.

No group claimed responsibility for the blasts, but Sunni Islamist insurgents and al Qaeda' s Iraqi wing have increased attacks since the beginning of the year and they often target Shi'ite districts.

The latest blast is the second such attack in Sadr City in as many days. More than a dozen blasts tore into markets and shopping areas in areas across the Iraqi capital on Monday, including twin bombs just several hundred metres apart that killed at least 13 people in the Shi'ite neighbourhood on Monday.

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