The online jokers at Clickhole, the social sharing website owned by The Onion, have come up with a new service that pokes fun at on-demand transportation apps like Uber, Zipcar and Lyft.

The new start-up is called Whysk, and it aims to offer a revolutionary way to get commuters to their destinations. All you have to do is bang a gong and, mysteriously, a pair of barefoot monks will appear, pick you up and carry you to where you need to go.

"We don't know where the monks came from, but they're here now, and that's what makes Whysk the incredible company it is," Whysk CEO and founder Dylan Blake-Ambrose says in the video.

"The world we live in is constantly moving, so we need to move with it. We want the journey itself to be a destination – we want people to travel together in a simple, elegant way that suits their needs."

While we don't know how successful this new monk-powered service will be, the video is definitely worth a watch or two.

In other news, today Uber launched a carpooling service called Uberpool, offering people discounted rides if they share with other users.