Four accused in the Delhi gang rape trial arrived at court on Tuesday (September 10) where a verdict is due to be delivered in a case that sparked nation-wide fury and forced the government to overhaul women's safety laws.

A judge is due to rule whether the four men are guilty of raping a woman on a bus in New Delhi and also murdering her, a charge that could see them hanged if convicted.

The verdicts cap a seven-month trial, often held behind closed doors. A fifth defendant hanging himself in his jail cell.

An 18-year-old who was 17 at the time of the attack was tried as a juvenile. He was sentenced to three years at a juvenile detention centre at the end of August.

Prosecutors allege that the group lured the woman and a male friend onto the bus on the night of December 16 as the pair returned home from watching a movie at a shopping mall in south Delhi.

As the bus drove through the streets of the capital, the men repeatedly raped and tortured the 23-year-old with a metal bar before dumping her and her friend, naked and semi-conscious, on the road, prosecutors said.

Her friend later recovered, but the woman's internal injuries were so severe that she died in a Singapore hospital two weeks after the attack

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