At least four people were been injured in a shooting that happened last night at a Halloween party on the campus of University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Police have now caught one person who's believed to be the shooter.

These were the scenes filmed by a local TV news as hundreds of frightened revellers spilled out onto Hollywood Boulevard after hearing gunshots, eyewitnesses saying they heard four shots go off in quick succession. One person said they saw a man limping and screaming to his friends to help him after he'd been shot in the leg. Police shut down the campus and blocked off surrounding roads for a short time just after the incident which happened at around half eleven. There's still no news yet on what prompted the gunman to fire shots inside the party, other than a possible dispute.

Meanwhile officials in Spain say three young women have died in a stampede at a Halloween party in Madrid. It's thought someone threw a flare inside the city's arena where thousands of party goers had gathered for a rave. Two more were seriously hurt. Eyewitnesses say many fire exits were sealed off.