Comedian Frankie Boyle has won over £54,000 in damages after a high court ruled that he had been libelled by the Daily Mirror.

The 40 year old Glaswegian sued the Mirror after claiming the newspaper had defamed him when describing him in an article on 19 July 2011 as a 'racist' and saying he was forced to quit the BBC comedy quiz show Mock the Week.

The controversial comedian is known for his edgy humour, and has hit the headlines for previous jokes about Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, and the disabled son of former glamour model Katie Price.

Boyle took to Twitter after the ruling, saying

I'm very happy with the jury's decision and their unanimous rejection of the Mirror's allegation that I am a racist.

Racism is still a very serious problem in society which is why I've made a point of always being anti-racist in my life and work...

He later added on the microblogging site that he was giving away the damages to charity.

Written and Presented by Alfred Joyner