Romeo Langlois, the French reporter who was taken hostage 33 days ago, has been released by Colombia's Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, and reunited with his family.

Langlois, who was released by the rebels on Wednesday, arrived in Florencia, Colombia at 2:50 Thursday morning where he was reunited with friends.

On 28 April, whilst reporting with a unit of the Colombian army, Langlois found himself caught in a firefight between them and FARC, and was subsequently kidnapped afterwards.

Despite a bandaged wound round his left arm from being shot during the conflict, he was seemingly not shaken by the ordeal. He said:

"It happened to me but it was a very 'light' kidnapping for me. I want to express my respect and love to all the people who have lived through a kidnapping themselves, many times in much more difficult circumstances, and I express my respect and love not just to kidnapping victims but to all the victims of the Colombian conflict, the disappeared."

After speaking, Langlois boarded a plane to the capital Bogota, before he flies back home to France the following day.

Written & Presented by Alfred Joyner