Children's television is experiencing a renaissance and with a surge in new forms of story-telling and animation comes big business.

The Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick Media Group (CHF) is an award-winning animation team that created global TV hits like Danger Mouse and Wind in the Willows. These are just an example of how robust story-telling and creativity can stand the test of time and mean big business opportunities in publishing, gaming, internet, mobile content, music and educational.

Peppa Pig is a recent example of a global children's TV success. Aired in about 180 countries the animation has earned £100m in retail sales since it was launched by its creators, Neville Astley and Mark Baker in 2005.

"If you're talented or lucky enough to create a winning-formula then the rewards can be very lucrative, particularly through licensing," said Simon Hall, managing director, Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick Media Group to IBTimes UK exclusively on camera.