Disney Theatrical Productions has released the first cast photo for the upcoming Broadway version of Disney's incredibly popular, Oscar-winning animation Frozen, showing the principal cast all in costume.

Entertainment Weekly shared the first look, which shows Patti Murin, Caissie Levy, Jelani Alladin, and John Riddle in costume as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans respectively, ahead of the show's trial run of shows in Denver from last night (17 August) through until 1 October.

If the show is a success, and selling seats certainly won't be a problem, then the shindig will arrive on New York's Broadway in February 2018.

A Tony-award winning team including director Michael Grandage and choreographer Rob Ashford will adapt the 2013, telling the story of two sibling princesses in Arendelle, a fictional setting based on Norway.

"The interesting thing about a movie is that it's going to be exactly the same tomorrow night, whereas a staged piece is absolutely not, and that's our greatest asset," Grandage told EW.

"I'm not particularly interested in slavishly replicating a movie onstage, because it won't challenge anybody. We've got so many assets at our disposal where we can take that whole experience further.

"We can present things in new ways. We've got a bigger narrative arc. We've got more songs than the movie, and an opportunity to develop storylines in greater depth. But the thing we can do most of all is have real, live, breathing, beating hearts in front of people in the dark.

"I needed a cast where it wasn't just going to be people who brilliantly pumped out some famous numbers, because I knew we had a bigger book and a bigger arc to explore and, in places, a really highly emotional journey."

Don't worry though, the film's most famous songs, including Do You Want To Build A Snowman? and Let It Go will still feature.

"The camaraderie that's needed between Patti and Caissie, in terms of what goes on onstage, is amplified by the fact that those two, in life and in their work, seem to be very genuinely bonded together," Grandage continued.

"They take it seriously, in a good way. They want to present Anna and Elsa in a very beautiful, very meaningful way, and watching that develop in rehearsal has been quite profoundly moving to me because the point about this story is that they get pulled apart early on."

A trailer for Frozen: The Musical was released in July (embedded above), showing rehearsals behind the scenes.

Frozen The Musical
(L-R) Jelani Alladin as Kristoff, Caissie Levy as Elsa, Patti Murin as Anna and John Riddle as Hans Disney / Entertainment Weekly