A range of animal videos emerged on the internet in 2011 and many of them have gone viral, capturing the attention of thousands across the globe. Some are quirky and funny while others are bittersweet and heartfelt. Below is a summary of six of the best animal videos from 2011:

1. "Talking" Porcupine Won't Share His Corn

A North American porcupine loves corn so much it squeals in protest when someone tries to take it away from him. The long-toothed critter, known as Teddy, gobbles some corn on the cob but when the zoo handler attempts to take the corn away he breaks out into a bizarre series of squeals, almost chatter like. YouTube users have touted Teddy as the "talking porcupine" suggesting he is saying actual words in response to his zoo keeper as he hoes into the corn.

2. Panda Gets Rude Awakening

A panda in a Chinese zoo received what is probably the most unwelcomed wake-up call ever. As it takes a nap under a tree branch, another panda creeps up on his sleeping friend before taking a position to wake the sleeping panda by peeing on its face. At first, the sleeping panda is unaware of what is happening and takes several seconds to realise what was going on.

3. Gaggle of Geese March With Band

A trail of geese show everyone a thing or two about marching as they parade in a neat line to the beat of a band. The geese, who march alongside a river in the Netherlands, are lead by a band member with a whistle while a man with a drum at the back of the parade ensures none are left behind. The video has accumulated more than 800,000 views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 12, 2011.

4. Man Falls on Buttocks After Crazy Penguin Attack

A scientist was left sprawled in the snow on his backside after a tiny penguin charged at him. The man fell on his buttocks after approaching the penguin for a closer look when it abruptly ran towards him flapping its wings and squawking loudly. As the man ran backwards to avoid the aggressive bird, he slipped on the ice and landed heavily on his buttocks, sparking fits of laughter from the person behind the camera.

5. Orangutan Cools Itself Off Like a Human

An orangutan in a Japanese zoo has exhibited human-like behaviour while trying to cool itself down on a hot day. The ape demonstrated remarkable intelligence as it placed a small towel into a pool of water before wringing it out and dabbing it on its face to cool off. The footage, captured by a visitor at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo, has attracted more than 371,000 views on YouTube.

6. Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Owner's Grave in China

Possibly the most heartfelt animal video of the year is of a dog in China who won't leave his owner's grave site. The dog belonged to owner Lao Pan, a single man from Panjiatun village, who died in November aged 68. The dog disappeared shortly after its owner's death but was later found by the grave of his owner. Villagers tried to coax the dog away with food but still, the dog persistently returned and stayed by his owner's grave. Villagers have been so touched, they regularly bring food and water to the dog and plan to build him a kennel at the grave site.