Cristiano Ronaldo's partner, Georgina Rodriguez, has an older half sister named Patricia, who is now bashing her in public and accusing her of not offering financial support.

Patricia and Georgina share the same father, Argentina native Jorge Rodriguez. They also have another sister, Ivana, who made an appearance in the Netflix reality series "I Am Georgina." The show shares a glimpse into the life of the famous footballer's partner, including her closest friends and family. Incidentally, the show made no mention of Patricia, who claims that Georgina has erased her from her life since their father died in 2019.

Now, she is reportedly complaining about being broke and being a squatter for three years. Amid her financial struggles, she told TV show Socialite that her younger half-sister is ignoring her.

"I am broke and my sister does not help me. What hurts me most are my children, not me. After all, with a piece of bread I can eat, but my children, who are her nephews...," she said as quoted by Marca.

She continued to speak about the sorry state of her life, which is in stark contrast to Georgina's life of luxury. Not only is she Ronaldo's partner, the 28-year-old is also a successful model and influencer, who rakes in millions from brand collaborations and appearances.

"Sometimes I have enough to eat, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, sometimes I don't. As a sister I don't expect all this," said Patricia. Ironically, she added that she is aware that Georgina has no obligation to help her. However, she did not hesitate to send her younger sibling on a guilt trip.

"I know she has no obligation and responsibility, but, since she is supportive and so good to others, at least she should be with her nephews and nieces," said Patricia.

Indeed, Georgina is known to be involved in helping orphans, as seen in the Neflix series. She is also very generous to her group of friends and her sister Ivana. However, Patricia does not appear to be one of those benefiting from that generous spirit for one reason or another.

The older Rodriguez sister claimed that their father, who spent a decade in jail for drug trafficking, was seeing both their mothers at the same time before he was incarcerated. He was sent back to Argentina after his release from Spanish prison, and Patricia says that her sister did not pay for her ticket to Argentina when their father died. She also previously said that Georgina went back on her promise to provide school supplies for her children.

This is not the first time that Patricia has accused her famous sister of refusing to help her, and it remains to be seen if Georgina will address the matter publicly.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez
Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and his partner Georgina Rodriguez (right) AFP / OSCAR DEL POZO