A husband and wife who have named themselves Heidrun" and "Andreas Anschlag," have gone on trial in Germany today where they are accused of spying for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service agency for the past 20 years. They are accused of spying on "various foreign policy areas" such as "NATO's political and military affairs, the EU's military, police and civil missions, and political negotiations on EU bodies.

The couple were arrested in October 18, last year in two separate raids on their family home in Marburg in central Germany and an apartment in the southern town of Balingen near Stuttgart.

With local media reporting that, Heidrun was in the process of receiving radio messages from Moscow when the police broke into the house.

However the case described as one of the most spectacular espionage cases since the end of the Cold War." Could have serious consequences for the couple as, if they are found guilty then they could face a lengthy jail sentence. The case continues.

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