A blob of glue that is claimed to look like Homer Simpson has taken eBay by storm, with 78 bids taking the asking price up to over £150,000.

The piece of glue, which measures just one centimetre in length, features Homer's trademark bald head, big eyes and grinning mouth, and is claimed to be "the missing piece in any Simpson enthusiast's collection.

"This is a true to life likeness of Homer Simpson's head," the seller, Christopher Herbert, says on the auction listing, and it was "made naturally by an overflowing tube of Uhu Glue! It is very small - about a centimetre from the bottom of his neck to the top of his head."

After being bombarded with dozens of questions from potential bidders, Herbert, who has not bought or sold anything on eBay before, said that his faith in human nature has been restored thanks to UK eBayers.

Apart from the £150,100 highest bid, the seller has been offered "500 camels plus all the parsnips they can eat."

To answer further questions about the sticky sensation, Herbert said: "No, of course it's not Casper [the ghost]; good luck with the chewing gum Marge Simpson."

Thankfully, the seller adds that "yes he is toilet trained and low maintenance."

Herbert does entertain one offer, saying: "send me a picture of the toast that looks like Elvis and of course I will accept your Porsche in part exchange but what else are you going to offer? Porsche are ten a penny, Homer Gluehead is unique..."

He has got a point.

Unfortunately, while postal offers are accepted, the seller points out that "54 grand in them would cost a fortune to send through the post."

Finally, Herbert confirms that "no you can't buy my wife instead."