Injury-prone Kenyon Looney has a hamstring injury and is expected to miss more games this season. This is a big blow to the team, as Kenyon is expected to play a more significant role now that NBA superstar Kevin Durant has left for the Brooklyn Nets.

His hip injuries during the 2015-2017 season also kept him from the limelight. Considering the Golden State Warriors' stellar roster, it wasn't that big of a deal back then. Right now, he needs to shape up fast in order to help his team maintain their status.

The Golden State Warriors have been the NBA's powerhouse team in recent years. Five consecutive NBA finals appearances would make Eastern Conference teams believe that they are the ones to beat.

Led by snipers such as former MVP Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and coached by the legendary three-point shooter Steve Kerr, the Warriors need to balance their team on the inside. The team seems weak in the paint this year without Durant.

Their devastating 141-122 loss against the Clippers last Saturday night goes to show how much Kevon Looney's injury will impact the long-range shooting team. According to NBA news, Looney is expected to miss two more games before being reevaluated by the Warriors medical team. Playing for only 10 mins. before sitting out the rest of the match, Looney's absence really affected the Warriors.

Other players tried picking up the slack. Looney had nine rebounds in only 10 minutes of play and the Warriors still ended up beating the Clippers 42-39 in rebounding for the rest of the game. However, the Clippers edged them out with 58-40 points in the paint. It clearly show the weakness that the current Warriors have.

Looney's injuries add to the Golden State Warriors' troubles. Klay Thompson is not likely to play this season, according an NBC Sports interview with Coach Kerr. Thompson's ACL injury and the loss of Durant are already big losses to the team that won three NBA championships in the last five years.

Golden State Warriors
The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 129-120 in game five Getty