Artificial intelligence
Google Deepmind chief Demis Hassabis believes AI risk should be treated as seriously as climate crisis. Wikimedia Commons

Google DeepMind chief Demis Hassabis believes AI risk is similar to the climate crisis. The top executive recommends greater regulation to put an end to existential fears over tech that has above-human levels of intelligence.

Recently, former Google executive Eric Schmidt and co-founder of Inflection and Deepmind, Mustafa Suleyman, highlighted the importance of having an IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)-like international body to keep an eye on artificial intelligence.

Now, the chief of Google Deepmind has chimed in, stating that the risk of AI should be treated as seriously as the climate crisis. The British AI researcher also said it is imperative to have greater regulation of AI to eliminate existential crises that this technology with intelligence levels beyond humans currently poses.

He went on to say that the world can't afford to delay its response. According to the researcher, the first step towards the regulation of AI involves establishing a body very similar to the IPCC.

Notably, some industry leaders believe AI could bring about the extinction of humanity. In line with this, Hassabis further noted that it is important to tackle the dangers of AI, including the creation of bio-weapons.

How Demis Hassabis wants AI risk to be treated

In an interview with The Guardian, Hassabis accused the international community of taking too much time to coordinate an effective global response to climate change. He added that humans are now living with the consequences of the delay.

The AI expert said the world can't afford a similar delay. However, he didn't just focus on the negative aspects of the technology. According to Hassabis, AI could be "one of the most important and beneficial technologies ever invented".

Hassabis said he'd love to see an equivalent of CERN for AI safety. He wants this organisation to oversee research globally. This doesn't come as a surprise given that Hassabis believes human-level AI is right around the corner. To those unaware, CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Aside from this, he expressed his wish to see an equivalent of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Hassabis' comments have come ahead of the UK's global AI summit on AI governance, which is slated to take place on November 1 and 2.

The impending event could help build international consensus on AI risks. Hassabis also noted that AI could bring "incredible opportunities" in the field of medicine and science.

While talking about the existential crisis surrounding AI, Hassabis admitted that most of the concerns were related to the possible development of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). While some people consider AGI as a potential threat, others see it as the most potent creation of humanity.