Ramsay Duck
Gordon Ramsay and a duck being kept in a rudimentary cage [Reuters/farmsanctuary.org]

Gordon Ramsay is in trouble after an undercover video exposing "shocking cruelty" at Hudson Valley Foie Gras was released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).

Hudson Valley Foie Gras supplies meat to one of the award-winning Scottish chef's licensed restaurants in New York.

The animal rights group has accused the celebrity chef of having double standards after the video showing thousands of ducks being force-fed with steel tubes emerged. The ducks are fed that way three times a day.

Ramsay himself made a documentary in 2011 condemning the slaughter of sharks to make shark fin soup, Mail Online reports.

He describes the cruelty of the industry as "sick" and "barbaric" in the video.

However, PETA has pointed out that Hudson Valley Foie Gras appears on the "Menu Prestige" at Ramsay's eponymous restaurant at The London NYC hotel.

Though Ramsay sold the fine dining venue to the Blackstone Group in 2009, he still acts as a consultant for the restaurant.

"At slaughter, ducks are hung upside down, have their throats slit, and are left to bleed to death. Experts have found that force-feeding causes esophageal tears and splits, liver rupture and failure, heat stress, and aspiration pneumonia - and, by the company's own admission, some 15,000 ducks on the farm die every year before they make it to slaughter," PETA spokeswoman Wendy Wegner said.

Foie grass is a French delicacy which requires fattened goose. The animal right campaigners have written a letter to Ramsay, urging him to take foie gras off the menu.

"That is the way poultry is processed. The clip does not show the birds being gently handled and put to sleep before the slaughter," a representative of Hudson Valley Foie Gras, who helped during the filming of the video, said.

"We will continue to bring people to the farm so they can see the whole truth," the representative added.

Though Ramsay's representatives have yet to comment, a spokesman at for Gordon Ramsay at The London said: "We do not in any way condone cruelty to animals. We strive to provide our guests with the finest quality ingredients and we seek to work with purveyors who are able to deliver on that promise.

"We are amongst a number of New York City restaurants that provide this delicacy based on the discerning tastes and desire of our diners."