Greg "The Hammer" Valentine has said that the WWE's current products are "watered down" because of "too much television."

Speaking on the recent episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, the Hall of Famer said the main card match at WrestleMania maybe be the only fight that could match up to the dog-fights he had with Ronnie Garvin, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Tito Santana and The Bulldogs during his career.

"They [WWE] are also now up against three hours of Monday night TV and are up against two more hours on Tuesday night and the product is watered down. They've got so much stuff going on that how are they going to come up with anything original and that is why they talk so much," the former WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental champion said. (Via Wrestling Inc)

"I'd hate to have that headache of what am I going to after a Monday Night Raw and already thinking what am I going to do next week? It is just way too much television and they also have the pay per views each month. Good God."

Valentine also revealed his favourite wrestlers to be Randy Orton and the Wyatts.

"I guess because of his Dad and I know the kid real well is Randy Orton because he is old school and it is born into him but I haven't seen much of him lately since he's been in this tag-team thing. I do enjoy the Wyatts because they are so bizarre and actually since the main guy is Mike Rotundo's son. There you've got more second generation stuff in there too or third generation as it is with Randy Orton. It is good to see stuff like that and it is entertaining to me with the Wyatts and how they do all of that."

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine