Actors Silas Weir Mitchell (L), Bree Turner, and David Guintoli, stars of NBC series Grimm
Actors Silas Weir Mitchell (L), Bree Turner, and David Guintoli, stars of NBC series Grimm Reuters

The Season 3 finale of the hit supernatural drama Grimm ended on a cliffhanger -- with Nick Burkhardt losing his powers.

The finale saw homicide detective Nick, played by David Giuntoli, being relinquished of his Grimm powers and the shocking development was the handiwork of Hexenbiest Adalind, played by Claire Coffee, who is out for revenge.

Meanwhile, captain Sean Renard, played by Sasha Roiz, took a couple of bullets in the chest while fighting with a Wesen.

Will Nick Get His Grimm Powers Back?

In exclusive new-look Season 4 posters, unveiled by Yahoo TV, Nick is seen standing with a crossbow, and his blue cold eyes are sure to give chills to all Grimm fans. The poster reads, "Mortal Danger."

Meanwhile, the show's executive producer Jim Kouf told Yahoo TV: "This season is about identity and what defines a hero."

The production of the first episode titled Thanks for the Memories will start in Oregon next week, he added.

After the stunning finale in May, Kouf had promised fans that the new season would "pick up right where we left off, because there are too many threads left untied and we dug a lot of holes for ourselves."

David Greenwalt, the writer of the hit series, while on a panel discussion at the annual Television Critics Association summer press tour, said that Trubel, played by Jacqueline Toboni, could function as "his eyes and ears."

In an interview with Zap2it, Greenwalt revealed that the next season would focus on identity crisis. Nick would go through an identity crisis as his Grimm powers have been taken from him. "If they could cure him and if he could submit to that process, which is going to be horrible - or at least shocking - does he want to be a Grimm again?" he said.

The newlywed Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) might get their honeymoon this season.

"They're going to try not to be resentful that their wedding was ruined because they need to help Nick," Greenwalt teased. "...But their friends are going to maybe put on a little honeymoon for them. There might be something that happens like that. They're not going to go to Fiji."

He also revealed that a "very frightening terrible threat that has to be dealt with" is going to come into Rosalee and Monroe's lives.

The Season 4 will also address the mystery of the keys and Sergeant Wu, Portland police officer, might come to terms with the supernatural Grimm world.

"We will find out what those keys unlock and what that thing or things are," the writer said.

How will Juliette react when she learns that Adalind Schade turned into Juliette and slept with Nick?

David Giuntoli told TVline, "It's the only state-sanctioned way to cheat on your lover: Have someone else embody them. Yes, Adalind turned into Juliette and slept with me, and I did not know the difference – except there was a certain wild, witchy energy that I think Nick maybe liked."

Are the couples heading for a breakup in the season?

The Season 4 of Grimm is set to premiere on 24 October on NBC.