Halle Berry's fiancé Olivier Martinez has been involved in an altercation with a paparazzi.

The Oscar-winning actress was forced to hold Martinez back after the couple and Berry's daughter Nahla were swamped by media photographers as they arrived at Los Angeles airport from a holiday in Hawaii.

In a 90-second video on TMZ, the trio can be seen descending the escalators to exit the airport terminal when they are met by waiting press. Nahla, five, shields her eyes from camera flashbulbs.

Berry clearly frustrated at being prevented from getting into her waiting car by the press pack, shouts: "Get away - there's a child, Jesus! What is wrong with you people? There's a child here, idiot!"

Martinez, who got into a fistfight with Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry in November, allegedly kicked a paparazzo several times in the legs and wrist during the airport melee.

Once Martinez puts Nahla in the car, he attempts to grab one of the photographers, but is quickly pushed into the vehicle by Berry.

An airport spokesperson confirmed that a complaint had been lodged with police.

"The victim [the photographer] alleged that he was battered but the suspect fled the location before airport police were notified. A battery report was taken and filed and is under investigation," a statement said.

"I would knock the stuffing out of someone who endangers my child just for a photo," said one online commentastor after seeing the video. "The photographer was trying to get a violent response from Olivier. Coward. Halle should be grateful she found a warrior and protector."

"This ain't even right," said another. "There were 50 million flashes in their faces. Celebs don't sign up for this and I don't agree that this should come with the fame. It's unethical and borderline inhumane."