Whether its a moustache, a goatee, an anchor, a Hollywoodian or even just stubble, facial hair on men is officially in, and the clean-shaven baby-smooth face is out.

Over the weekend it appeared that former US President Barack Obama had joined the beard gang after celebrity blog The Shade Room shared snaps of the former politician rocking a more rugged look.

Although the Photoshopped salt and pepper beard was just some digital trickery, it was all the confirmation the online community needed that he should grow a beard.

Within minutes he had women fawning over him with one person writing: "Nothing sexier than a man with a beard."

Another: "He's sexy with a beard. Ppl go grey as they age. You want him to dye it like @realDonaldTrump?"

A third added: "Gurl, yes! This beard is my favourite song!"

One user acknowledged that while it was a great Photoshop job "we really need to petition Obama to grow a beard 'cause..."

Some fans claimed Obama was 'showing off' for his wife Michelle and a few man even stated that they were inspired to grow a beard after seeing the doctored image.

"Damn! @barackobama gonna make me grow my beard back!!! #beardgang #obamagang @ California," one guy said. While another wrote: "Cn anybody authenticate this picture flowing around out here of @BarackObama with a beard??? And if so, how do I keep my girl from seeing it?!"

Psychologist and language expert Judi James previously told IBTimes UK that a bearded male is seen as being stronger and more alpha.

"Clean-shaven equals equality and youth but the beard signals virility and blatant masculinity. It defines the difference between the sexes and it suggests a desire for alpha power in times of crisis and change," she said. "The beard signals good strong mating potential."

Sadly Obama doesn't have much choice in the beard department. In 2006 the former commander-in-chief told The Hill: "I can't grow facial hair... I get whiskers."