Building a business from the ground up is not easy work. Besides having a good business idea, plan, and attitude, you need to gain your customers' trust in order to increase sales. Thanks to John Aaron and Mervyn, industry leaders in their respective fields, young entrepreneurs can now understand how to build customer trust by being honest.

John Aaron and Mervyn
John Aaron and Mervyn John Aaron and Mervyn

Both John Aaron and Mervyn are true to themselves and their customers, which is how they have achieved success. John is the founder of Aaron Organization, a real estate company. He says that by being honest and never setting high expectations, he has always been able to make his customers happy, and in turn boost his business. Being honest about deals and the market has won him several 7-figure deals.

Mervyn, a cyber security expert, found success after quitting his ethical hacking career. He has been since helping budding investors in finding success in the world of cryptocurrency. His honest educational sessions and transparency have enabled him to help others gain financial freedom.

When a person starts a business, he/she might consider gaining as many customers as possible. However, that isn't the key to financial success. Instead, maintaining loyal customers will guarantee a regular income and help boost your business' reputation.

To become successful in any business, John and Mervyn state that you need to understand your customers and fulfil their needs. If you don't, your business will suffer. By satisfying customers, setting realistic expectations, and being honest, a businessperson can gain their trust and encourage them to stay loyal.

John Aaron and Mervyn find it enlightening to establish personal relationships with customers. They both admit that when you build trust with customers, you win over their business, which will ultimately lead to success.