Reflecting his professional commitment, Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman apparently even refused to have a single beer while filming The Wolverine.

''He is the most dedicated and hardworking student I've ever had. He was constantly trying to better himself. Even if it was 5 or 6 am, he never missed a session," his personal trainer Michael Ryan said.

''His competitive nature is very strong. And he's very demanding with himself, he refused to slack. One day I said to him, 'Come on Hugh, you can have just one beer', but he refused. I ordered one though, and he made fun of me," he added.

Jackman has stated that he followed a brutal fitness regime to get into the reinforced shoes of Wolverine.

"Water dehydration got me that ripped look, but I'm so low on energy I'm literally sleeping all the time because I'm on a zero-carb, limited-calories diet. It's pretty brutal," Jackman stated.

Jackman, who was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year (Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Les Misérables), also said that he will continue to play the role of the iconic X-Men mutant for as long as his fans demand his presence.

"I've been around long enough in this business to know great parts like this don't come along very often and as long as the part continues to grow and the reason for doing is there and that continues to grow, and let's face it, that the audience still wants to see it, I don't see any reason to give it up. I'm having more fun now than ever," the 44-year-old actor confessed.

Jackman will reprise the role of Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will release next year. He is also set to play illusionist Harry Houdini in a forthcoming Broadway musical.

The Australian will also host the annual televised Christmas in Washington concert this year. The prestigious concert will be attended by US President Barack Obama and his family alongside several biggies from Hollywood.