The Human Rights group 'Human Rights Watch' has released a report which details the widespread torture which is carried out by the Assad regime in Syria. Based on the accounts of former detainees and defectors, it describes the various torture methods used and identifies commanders at detention centres.

Speaking in Arabic under assumed names and with their faces blurred or hidden from view, these people recounted their experiences on camera. Please be warned the following footage contains graphic and sensitive images some people may find offensive.

"When we were detained in the Homs Military Intelligence Prison they hung us by our arms with our bodies suspended in the air. They beat us and said, 'You want freedom? You want democracy? Here is your freedom. Here is your democracy'."

This man describes the horrific torture he endured.

"They put a metal device with four prongs between your legs. They put this metal device between your legs to crush your genitals. Twisting and squeezing the testicles together. You scream so loud, and start telling them what they want to hear against your will."

A 13 year old boy describes how his fingernails were pulled out by pliers.

"The second time they brought me in for interrogation, they started questioning me and electrocuting me. I passed out for about five minutes. When I came to, I found myself in the cell, but my uncle wasn't with me. He might have been in interrogation. The third time they took me in for questioning, the last time, they pulled out my nails, they had pliers, or something like a screwdriver that they used."

The Human rights group believe that these are crimes against humanity and that people identified in this report should be held accountable. They would like to see the matter referred to the International Criminal Court by the United Nations Security Council.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter