The second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season 'Hurricane Beryl' has lashed the East Coast from north Florida to southern parts of North Carolina, and created a risk of flooding inland, even after it was downgraded to a tropical depression yesterday.

Beryl peaked, near hurricane strength as it hit Jacksonville Beach, Florida, at 70 mph. Just short of the 74 mph that would have made it a Category 1 hurricane and 12 inches of rain fell in just 1 hour.

In Georgia fallen power lines badly damaged motels and homes. Areas are cordoned off for safety. Coast guards patrol dangerous beaches.

Hurricane Beryl got an early start as the Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on June the 1st. And I am sure this early appearance isn't good news for those people who are holidaying in Florida. The hurricane is forecast to head back out to the Atlantic. Still, luckily, no storm-related deaths or serious injuries had been confirmed so far.

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