A former WCW wrestler has dished out an amazing story from his time at the company. Sting, who was with the promotion from 1987 to 2000, has opened up about a crazy incident involving fans.

Speaking to NBC Elmira, the former WWE superstar said that the incident took place after the New World Order (NWO) was formed by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan following a fight with Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage in 1996.

The former WCW champion said he drastically changed his gimmick to that of a much darker persona following his first encounter with the NWO. He explained that he changed his appearance as "wrestling fans and wrestling was changing" and "fans wanted to see something a little bit [grittier], a little darker, and a little more mysterious".

Sting then revealed what transpired in the ring when he fought the NWO members in another fight. He said fans "trashed the ring" and "threw trash" when Hogan transformed into "Hollywood" Hogan, who took NWO to another level and made them one of the hottest heel gangs ever.

"One of the defining moments was in Dayton Beach, Luger and me – we're in the ring - and [Scott] Hall and [Kevin] Nash. Hogan becomes "Hollywood" Hogan and fans trashed the ring, [they] threw trash and I'm in the fetal position, just hoping I don't get hit. But it started just a crazy time in wrestling. That was a defining moment in wrestling, characters changed," Sting said, according to Wrestling Inc.

Sting also talked about his final match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015. He has not fought since suffering a serious injury in his fight with Rollins.

"I cannot complain. The bottom line is the last match I had, yes, I got injured and it was a bad injury. But I went out wrestling one of the best, Seth Rollins, and it was for the WWE World Title," he said.

"I mean, what a way to go out. A world title match, I cannot complain, I have no complaints. I did everything I could possibly do in this business it seems, so I'm satisfied."

Former WWE superstar Sting in the ring WWE/Youtube