Sting's desire to fight The Undertaker is well known. A couple of months ago, "The Vigilante" appeared on the Legends With JBL and expressed the same sentiment.

However, the dream fight between the two legends of the game may never happen as the Deadman seems to have retired from active wrestling, following a fight with Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 33. The Phenom left his signature attire — MMA-style gloves, hat and long black coat — in the middle of the squared circle, walked up the ramp and disappeared from view after his loss at the hands of The Big Dog.

Sting, whose real name is Steve Borden, has now revealed that if he is given the opportunity to fight The Undertaker, he would come out of retirement as the latter is his dream opponent.

"Of course, if I had a chance, I'd do it. But look at 'Taker's career; did he miss out on anything? Look at my career. I don't think I really missed out on anything, either," Sting said when he appeared at a WrestleCon event as transcribed by Sports Illustrated.

"I regret not being able to get in the ring with him one time. It would have been great, but I'm OK with the way it turned out."

Even if we assume that The Undertaker is still an active wrestler, the probability of the fight being booked is very slim as Sting has not stepped in the ring following his forced retirement from active wrestling after he suffered a serious neck injury in a fight with Seth Rollins at the Night of Champions in 2015.

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