Artificial intelligence
It looks like Intel is set to take on Microsoft and OpenAI in the the AI race. Wikimedia Commons

Intel is reportedly gearing up to compete with Microsoft and OpenAI in the Artificial Intelligence space. A considerable number of tech companies have been betting big on generative AI technology for a while now.

Intel, on the other hand, did not deviate its focus from making semiconductor chips. However, a report by The Information suggests that is not the case anymore.

According to some sources, Intel has teamed up with consulting firms to help its clients build OpenAI's ChatGPT-like software apps.

A slew of companies, including Boston Consulting Group will reportedly be benefiting from Intel's vast technical capabilities. Apparently, Intel is helping the company build its own version of the ChatGPT AI chatbot. Aside from this, Intel is selling app-building software to its customers.

Can Intel compete with Microsoft, OpenAI?

The report pointed out that "Intel has been largely left behind as an artificial intelligence boom has catapulted rival chipmakers such as Nvidia and Broadcom".
"While the once-iconic U.S. chipmaker still hopes to grab a piece of the fast-growing AI chip market, in the short term it is trying something different—selling specialised AI software and service," the report added.

Intel announced the AI PC Acceleration Program initiative last week to help developers integrate AI-powered features into their apps.

According to Intel, the program includes more than 300 AI-powered features and comprises over a hundred software vendors such as Zoom, Webex, BlackMagic, Adobe and Audacity.

Intel is expected to launch the Core Ultra mobile chipsets with NPU (neural processing unit) on December 14. While GPUs speed up gaming tasks, NPUs are designed to accelerate AI workloads.

"We will ship tens of millions of AI-enabled PCs into the the market throughout 2024. It's the inflection point that will drive power-efficient AI at scale. Intel is the only company in the world that can deliver that scale," Intel executive vice president Michelle Johnston Holthaus said earlier this year.

Moreover, Intel has teased a "Windows refresh" for 2024. Reportedly, the company is working on its Meteor Lake desktop platform for Windows 12 amid an AI push. It recently teased the existence of the much-awaited Windows 12 OS as well.

Shortage of AI chips

The word on the street is that Microsoft is set to unveil its own AI chip during its annual developer conference, Microsoft Ignite 2023, which is slated to take place in the coming weeks.

Also, earlier reports indicated that NVIDIA is struggling in terms of keeping up with the high demand for GPUs. So, Microsoft's move to start making its own chip is to minimise its reliance on NVIDIA.