The Indian Premiere League (IPL) is not just a mega-cricketing event... it is an extravaganza filled with glamour, glitz and style!

The 2012 event will be the fifth edition of the tournament and is set to be opened by the pair of Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and global pop star Katy Perry, in the south Indian city of Chennai.

According to The Times of India, Bachchan will be taking the pledge on behalf of all the IPL captains. He will also read out a special poem on cricket - penned by Prasoon Joshi, the music for which has been composed by Raju Singh.

"The poetry captures the spirit of the game and makes a commitment that whatever one may do in life, one would always want to be connected to the game of cricket," said Joshi according to the Indian Express.

The fifth season of the IPL will start on 3 April and the first match will be between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians.