If you're a regular watcher of cricket's Indian Premier League and an avid Bollywood fan to boot, you'll begin to notice a very strong overlapping between the two worlds.

After all, what does the IPL have that Bollywood's "filmi" best doesn't? There is intense rivalry, action, adventure, glamour (the cheerleaders, anyone?), loads of fun and the jubilation of being crowned a victor!

One of the biggest of Bollywood's stars to be associated with the IPL is Shah Rukh Khan. The hugely popular actor owns one of the franchises - the Kolkata Knight Riders. Another of the biggest stars regularly seen at IPL games is fellow actor Salman Khan.

However, given the ongoing dispute between these two titans of the cinema industry, will we see a no-show from Shah Rukh, given that Salman is to perform at the opening ceremony? Incidentally, a report in the The Times of India speculates on how Salman managed to enter the IPL circle, considering it has long been understood as being Shah Rukh's territory! Then, of course, there is the question of how much Salman is being paid for this appearance - it probably is not a small sum!

The question - will both stars share the same platform or avoid each other?

The last time they were at the same event together - a party honouring Sachin Tendulkar's 100th international cricket century, Salman took a dig at Shah Rukh, by parodying certain dialogues from the latter's recent relase, "Don".