In a move that's shocked the country, Israel's Prime Minister has called off today's elections. Benjamin Netanyahu wants manoeuvre the country into a united and prime position to counter terrorism threats from Iran by beefing up its security and military experience within the government.

The opposition Kadima Party has some top military brass on its side, not least the head of the party, Shaul Mofaz, who is an ex-Head of the Israel Defence Force and a former Defence Minister. And you'll remember we've reported on several bomb blasts in key locations in both countries over the last 4 months – blasts for which both countries have blamed each other.

Many in Jerusalem are surprised by news of a possible deal, and this woman reckons there's more to it than meets the eye: 'If the reason for this agreement between Mofaz and Netanyahu is the attack on Iran, then it's sufficient. Will there be an attack? I don't know, I don't know what to say about it, it's a missing factor, only God knows"

Gerald Steinberg is a political analyst. He said "The two largest parties are at the nucleus of this coalition and it includes three former chiefs of staff, it includes very many people with a lot of military and security experience and so it is going to be able to tackle the major problems and threats and challenges that Israel faces both domestically and in the region particularly vis a vis Iran. It sends a very strong signal to Tehran but also to Europe and the United States, that Israel is united, the leadership is capable of dealing with the threats that are there, if and when it becomes necessary."

If a deal is signed later today then it means Benjamin Netanyahu will more than likely make Shaul Mofaz a Vice Premier in his government. And of course Netanyahu stays in power without calling an early poll.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.