Heavy rains are affecting the northern outskirts of Rome. The Tiber River which travels through the capital city has burst its banks in some areas, tearing boats from their moorings and sweeping debris in the current. Another river, a tributary of the Tiber in northern Rome, also broke its banks causing widespread damage.

This local man watched the water levels and had this to say

"Nearly every year it is like this, it doesn't cause us any problems. If it doesn't get up to the tennis courts, we will be ok. The important thing is that it doesn't get higher than the bridge arches."

Elsewhere massive clean-up operations are under way in other parts of Italy, where at least four people are now known to have died after severe floods hit northern and central Italy, particularly in coastal areas of Tuscany and low-lying parts of Umbria where flooding in recent days has hit popular resorts and farming centres.

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