The first trailer has been released of Jack & Diane, a film that promise to be an interesting mixture of romance and horror.

The film stars Kylie Minogue, who also worked on the soundtrack. The plot revolves around the titular girls, played by Riley Keough and Juno Temple, who slowly become embroiled in a romantic relationship.

Their relationship comes under extra pressure when Diane moves to France but the special bond between the two - hinted at by quick shots of what appears to be hair intertwining with skin fibres - is difficult to break.

The end of the trailer suggests that the film's romantic tone with take a demonstrable lurch towards the horrific as Diane's longing for Jack seems to spark some sort of transformation. The dark tone makes the trailer's closing line "I just want to unzip my body and put you in there" laced with portent.

Juno Temple appears to be a star on the rise, gaining critical plaudits for her performance in William Friedkin's Killer Joe earlier in the year. Keogh recently tasted box office success with Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike.

A UK release date has not been confirmed for Jack & Diane, which will hit screens in the US in November. It is directed by Bradley Rust Grey.