Canadian film director and producer James Cameron, after his seven miles deep ocean solo submarine dive, explored the red carpet once again for the premiere of the Titanic 3-D movie at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

The 11-Oscar award winning 1997 movie that revolved around the fate of the "unsinkable" Titanic was released once again in 3-D on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the doomed maiden voyage.

Apart from Cameron, other cast members present at the event included actress Kate Winslet who looked radiant in a Jenny Packham black gown, Bernard Hill who played the role of the ship captain Edward James Smith, Billy Zane, Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher, Rochelle Rose, Jason Barry and Bernard Hill.

"The 3D enriches all of Titanic's most thrilling moments and its most emotional moments. More than ever, you feel you're right there going through all the jeopardy that Jack and Rose go through," AFP quoted Cameron as saying on the red carpet.

The Avatar director had himself visited the wreck of the Titanic, around 12,600 feet below the sea around 35 times in his history of 72 deep-sea submersible dives. This reportedly had a "huge impact" on the final result of the movie as they were able to get real images of the wreck and not merely artificial sets.

Cameron's fascination for the deep sea is well known as many of the movies and documentaries revolve around the subject.

Catch a glimpse of the red carpet premiere of the Titanic 3D: