Norman Oosterbroek
Celebrity bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek (in grey suit) allegedly sacked by Jay-Z after committing a lewd act with passport photo of Beyoncé

A celebrity bodyguard who died after he was Tasered by Miami police had been sacked by Jay-Z and Beyoncé for allegedly masturbating over a passport picture of the Single Ladies star.

Norman Oosterbroek provided security for Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nelson Mandela but lost his roster of high-profile clients when it surfaced that he had hired a prostitute while he was supposed to be looking after Jay-Z and Beyoncé in Las Vegas.

The power couple were said to have obtained photographic and video evidence which showed Oosterbroek committing a "lewd sexual act" with Beyoncé's and Blue Ivy's passport, New York Daily News Confidenti@l reported.

Although details of the allegations remain sketchy, it has been suggested that Oosterbroek was caught masturbating to Beyoncé's passport picture.

"Beyoncé and Jay Z were furious when they found out," said a source. "They trusted Norman with their lives and then he went and did some pretty freaky things, and on video with a hooker. They were outraged.

"They thought that Norman was now a danger to Blue Ivy.

"From what I understand he was devastated, because a lot of people in the industry knew that he couldn't be trusted and not to hire him."

The 43-year-old minder went into a downward spiral of depression and drug abuse after that, said insiders.

He died after being Tasered by police when he broke into a neighbour's mansion and attacked the owner. Oosterbroek, a father of two, was reported to have been naked when he punched the victim and swallowed an unidentified white substance.

The 6' 10 ft muscleman allegedly resisted arrest when law enforcement arrived and officers used a stun gun on him. He was later pronounced dead.