Jeremy Lin
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In an interesting turn of events, basketball team New York Knick's newfound superstar Jeremy Lin, who has been so instrumental in guiding the team to victory, has been offered a free one-bedroom apartment in the city, by Russian real estate developer and attorney Edward Mermelstein.

Lin, a Chinese-American, is actually one of the few players of Asian roots playing in the U.S.' National Basketball Association (NBA) league and has become something of a sensation in recent weeks.

The Knicks currently stand third in the Eastern Division, having won 13 and lost 15 games. They are on a 5-game winning streak and boast a +0.9 average points spread with a 3-2 division record that is second only to the Celtics in their conference. A point guard, Lin averages 11.9 points per game and 4.2 assists, a figure only bettered by Carmelo Anthony.

Meanwhile, Lin, the sport and the country (and China's) newest sensation has been credited with much of the revival and positive atmosphere in the team.

However, he remains a surprisingly humble young man. The 23-year-old deserves all the praise and appreciation coming his way, particularly since he is so undervalued and paid that he sleeps on couches at his brother's or team-mate's homes.

According to, Lin is on a two-year contract worth a little over $1.2 million. In contrast, the team's three highest-earning players are Amare Stoudemire (5-year contract worth $99 million); Carmelo Anthony (3-year contract worth $65 million); and Tyson Chandler (4-year contract worth $58 million).

Jeremy Lin is one of the few Asian Americans in the NBA and also the first American of ethnic Chinese extraction. He is a Harvard University graduate who was denied athletic scholarships in school and college. Lin has since been named one of the most influential "Chinese-Americans" by Vivid magazine.

The apartment in question has been offered to Lin until he finds a place of his own.

"As a New Yorker, it's very rare that someone like Jeremy Lin comes along to electrify this city, and this humble young man has excited all of NYC - and we love his energy. He's a hard working passionate young man - and as a NY Knick, and Harvard graduate I am sure it's not long until he'll have his own place to stay - but in the meantime I'd be honored to offer him an apartment for his use. Every father tells his son if you go to Harvard, I will let you play ball - well Lin's got it all and we have lots of respect for him," the Bay Bridge Banter quoted Edward Mermelstein as saying.

Mermelstein is a Russian-American real estate attorney, broker and developer based in New York City and partner at Rheem Bell & Mermelstein, LLP.