A new YouTube sensation was born Tuesday when a video of a man chasing his dog across Richmond Park as it terrorised a herd of deer became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

The video, which has gained more than 600,000 views in 24 hours and shows a man chasing his Labrador and shouting "Jesus Christ Benton" as the deer run riot, was found and made popular by Radio One DJ Fearn Cotton, who told her millions of listeners to watch the clip on Tuesday morning.

One parody has taken the audio of the original clip and played it over a clip from "An American Werewolf in London" and another - which has more than 100,000 views - dubs the audio of Benton's owner shouting over a clip of a dinosaur stampede from "Jurassic Park."

Others include the audio of Benton's owner shouting over clips from "The Lion King," "Bambi," the new video game "Skyrim," "Star Wars" and "The Wicker Man."