As Oscar Pistorius remains in a police holding cell today, South Africans were trying to make sense of the circumstances surrounding the shooting of the Paralympic champion's girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius was charged last Friday (February 15) with murdering Steenkamp in the early hours of the previous day, although his family have denied the charge. Initial reports said he may have mistaken Steenkamp for an intruder.

Pistorius is being held in a Pretoria police station until his bail hearing resumes on Tuesday. South African newspaper City Press is reporting that a blood-covered cricket bat was found at Pistorius's home and that police are investigating several scenarios related to the bat.

On the streets of Johannesburg, some were still struggling to understand what may have happened at Pistorius's home on the morning of the shooting.

"I think it was absurd," said Thobeka Mabaso.

"It is something that you wouldn't do, you cannot even, you can't kill a criminal that much, so imagine if it is your own girlfriend, the pain that he has to go through. I think his career is pretty much over," she said.

"First of all we don't know the reasons why he shoot the wife, but he said he thought there was a criminal whatsoever. Now there are stories that there was cricket bat with blood that was found," said another person.

Pistorius has cancelled all his scheduled track appearances in the next few months to allow him to concentrate on defending himself against the murder charge.

Written and presented by Adam Justice.