Johnny Weir, the former US figure skater turned NBC Winter Olympics pundit, has been criticised by a gay CNN presenter for creating a "gay minstrel show". Throughout his skating career, Weir was slammed for being too flamboyant, and he certainly hasn't toned it down in Sochi.

Weir's Sochi wardrobe has included a hot-pink vintage Chanel blazer, a ruffled blouse and silver sequined jacket.

Don Lemon, host of the prime-time weekend edition of CNN Newsroom, said Weir is not helping the gay equality cause: "No one likes a gay minstrel show".

Weir documents his Sochi outfits on his own Instagram account.

If worn in some corners of Russia by someone with less celebrity, Weir's outfits might result in a severe beating or worse. But Weir says: "I'm proud to be here. I'm proud that I can be here in my necklaces and my wedge booties, and nobody is saying anything. Nobody is looking at me weird, nobody is saying anything derogatory. I honestly get more of an uncool situation walking down certain streets in Manhattan or being in the centre of our country.

"And so, as far as people being upset with me for being here," Weir added, referring to those in the LGBT community who demanded he boycott the Olympics to protest a tough anti-gay Russian law, "I want everybody to know that I'm proud being here and I'm proud to be representing gay America in my own small way."

Don Lemon attempted to clarify his quote, explaining that he was simply expressing the opinion that not all gay people are as flamboyant as Weir.

"Someone who is flamboyant and over the top and all of those it seems those are the people who get the attention but they don't represent all of gay America."

"Johnny Weir doesn't have to represent all of gay people. Johnny Weir is fabulous. He is flamboyant. He is who he is."