Current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight interim champion Jose Aldo has confirmed that he wants to leave the UFC and the sport for good, claiming that even a rematch offer with Conor McGregor would not change his mind.

Aldo, who lost his featherweight title to McGregor at UFC 194 in December, bounced back to win the interim title against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200.

"It's hard for me. If there's something good (the UFC can do) is release me. I don't want to fight for other promotion. I'm at the level above. There's no reason why leave the first division to fight at the second division and I'm well appreciated in the first division, it would mean taking a step back. I don't want to fight for the other promotion. I want to follow my way in a different sport, do new things", Aldo said, as quoted by MMAFighting.

The 30-year-old was in line to face McGregor before he took the step up by a couple of divisions to face American Nate Diaz. Since then, Notorious has confirmed that he is not interested in facing Aldo, and instead has been drawn to face Eddie Alvarez at the historical UFC 205 event in New York.

The Brazilian has admitted that he wants to move out even if he is offered a fight with McGregor, as this is something that does not interest him anymore.

"I didn't fight for the belt. They made me fight for the interim title, I went there and won, and still have no definition whatsoever. To me, not even a fight with McGregor, it's not about him being fighting now or not. I don't care where he's going. I want to follow my path. Today, the right is me getting released from the contract", the Brazilian added.