Kardashian 2013 Christmas card
The card is filled with biblical imagery, discarded celebrity magazines, pop culture, and allegedly at least two Illuminati symbols.

Kim Kardashian and her reality TV family have been accused of weaving illuminati messages into the latest edition of their annual Christmas card.

The clan provoked controversy after unveiling the festive card which was a radical departure from their traditional outfits, white backgrounds and smug grins.

Composed by Kanye West's favourite photographic auteur, David LaChapelle, the dark image, featured discarded celebrity magazines, pop culture, religious imagery and allegedly made references to the 18th century secret society now controlled by some of the Hollywood elite.

Kardashian takes centre stage and shows off her svelte post-baby curves in a bold Yves Saint Laurent dress. She stands on a staircase aside a dollar sign.

Bruce Jenner can be seen trapped inside a glass box while Kylie and Kendall sport headpieces in front of a pyramid with the so-called "all-seeing eye" at its peak.

Many fans claimed that the card has nothing to do with the Christian holiday and the bizarre images only serve to highlight the family's lavish lifestyle.

One critic said: "Kim Kardashian is looking more and more like that other Illuminati Beyonce everyday."

Another wrote: "That's a pretty evil-looking Christmas card. There is no reason why the illuminati symbol should be in the Kardashian's Christmas card #ridiculous #itsChristmasforGodsake"

Prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also weighed in on the debate to offer his scathing review of the card.

"The wide panoramic card is filled with symbolism and references describing everything that the Illuminati entertainment industry is about," he wrote on his site.

"In short, this card sums up what popular culture in 2013 is all about: Illuminati, mind control, superficiality, exploitation of children and all around mind-numbing, time-wasting idiocy."

The claims come just weeks after Kardashian took to Twitter to deny any affiliation to the cult.

"What is the illuminate? A religion?...I'm a Christian," she wrote. "A cult?...not into that sorry!"