Kate Middleton's two hats are up for auction on 26 June. One of them was worn by Kate on the occasion of the Order of the Garter being presented to H.R.H. Prince William, 16 June 2008. It was a Philip Somerville black and white 46cm in length and 18in diameter. The hat is estimated to fetch between 1000 and 1500 pounds. The second hat up for auction was worn by Kate on the occasion of the wedding of Harry Meade, in the company of Prince William, 23 October 2010.It is a black 'Aurora' picture hat labelled 'Get Ahead Hats,' with swirling organza crown, transparent wired open-weave brim, adorned with two plumes and a curleque, 51cm, 20in diameter, according to Kerry Taylor auctions website. The hat is expected to fetch the same money as the first hat. The hat is regarded to be special as the royal couple's happy demeanour and evident closeness on the day on which Kate wore the hat, sparked much speculation that something was afoot, according to the Daily Mail.

The auction titled "Passion for Auction" also includes a hat signed by Michael Jackson and a dress owned by Elizabeth Taylor. But the highlight of the auction remains to be Kate's hats. Elizabeth Taylor's dress is a gold Chanel cocktail suit. Jackson's hat is the one he wore in the music video for Smooth Criminal.

"I've estimated them to 1,000-1,5000 pounds each, so you know for any royalty collector it's an accessible level I feel. But how much they'll ultimately sell for - who knows until I bring the gavel down. Because there's been quite a bit of interest, especially overseas," Taylor of KerryTaylor auctions said.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that the Kerry Taylor auction house is selling off properties of Kate. In 2011, the transparent dress that Kate wore the fashion show, that had attracted Prince William, was also auctioned by Taylor for 78,000 pounds.

Kate's fashion and style is always being compared to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. But Taylor does not feel so.

"I always feel sad when people say you know is she the new Diana? Because there will never be another Diana, especially for me - I've sold so many of her clothes, so many of her special pieces related to her wedding and to her early years, when she and Prince Charles were so happy. But I think Kate is different. I think she is going to become even more different as the days go by. Everyone wants to know what she's wearing, when she walks into a room all heads turn, she's on the front of every newspaper all the time, as much as she can be. People love her," she said.

It is known that Kate hires hats from Get Ahead Hats in Reading, part of a farmers' wives co-operative - near her family home in Berkshire, for around £100 a time.

So how much do you think Kate's hats will fetch at the auction?