Apparently Kate Middleton's puppy, has a Twitter account!

"Damn! My name's been found out by @valentinelow in The Times. Kate's in doghouse when Wills gets back" the "puppy" tweeted...With more than 1000 followers already, it has turned into a new sensation.

"Mummy Kate on Skype to Wills recreating Rihanna's moves on the #Brits," the tweets follow.

"Mummy's got Aunt Pippa round for girl's night in. Uncle Harry says he's "just passing" and has just arrived too #dirtydog," reads another.

The Duchess of Cambridge was recently gifted a black cocker spaniel by her husband, Prince William. For quite some time the royal couple refused to divulge the name of their new family member, saying the matter was private.

However, Kate let the name slip while talking to children at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford after she was offered a toy dog to cuddle. The black, male cocker spaniel has been named Lupo, which means "wolf" in Italian.

The faux pas occurred when the Duchess of Cambridge was visiting students at an elementary school in London. During her visit, made to promote the children's charity The Art Room, she was given a plush dog doll.

''The children had chosen a dog for her to cuddle during the lesson. She said 'what's it called?' and we said 'would you like to give it a name?' and she said 'I will call it after my dog','' Lisa Hancock, manager of the school's art room was quoted as saying in the Telegraph.

Royal officials then confirmed the dog's name was Lupo.