The Most Searched Break-Ups of 2012
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Reuters

Hollywood actress Katie Holmes took part in a risque photoshoot just two days before announcing her separation from Tom Cruise, it has been revealed.

Celebrity gossip magazine C has published the images from the shoot, including a picture of the 33-year old star dressed in nothing but a leather jacket.

Holmes, who also posed in a ball gown and loose white shirt, made no referenct to her impending separation during the interview which accompanied the shoot. However Kelsey McKinnon, senior editor of C Magazine, now says some indications were given.

McKinnon told the Daily Mail: "Going back over the tapes, there were signs. Holmes was certainly very aware of herself, laying a couple cards on the table but never showing her whole hand.

"Most noticeably, [there was] one name decisively absent from her lexicon: Tom Cruise. She never actually refers to him by name over pages and pages of transcription."

Offers flooding in

Holmes's divorce from Cruise was completed in just two weeks, granting her primary custody of their daughter, Suri.

The former Dawson's Creek actress is now preparing to return to Broadway in a production called Dead Accounts, penned by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Theresa Rebeck - and several other projects are reported to be on the table.

A friend of Holmes told Now magazine: "She can't believe it. She's had calls from US movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who wants to put her in a sure-fire Oscar-worthy movie, calls about a Dawson's Creek reunion and offers from fashion and cosmetics giants offering her blank cheques to be the face of their brand."