Katie Hopkins has drawn Twitter flak for X Factor tweet
Katie Hopkins has drawn Twitter flak for X Factor tweet

Motormouth Katie Hopkins is in hot water again after being accused by web users of mocking the disabled.

The former Apprentice contestant is facing a fresh wave of public disgust after appearing to mock a gravely ill child who appeared on the X Factor .

She wrote about Kaychanel Willson, 10, on Twitter: "Kaychanel has enough on her plate without me adding to it. Could have been worse. #KayEsteeLauder."

Hopkins' output often appears tailor-made to make the blood of easily outraged people boil - which online, appears to be pretty much everyone.

Predictably enough, the reaction has come in spades, following her glib remark about an ill child and a witless gag about the similarity of Kaychanel's name to a designer brand.

One angry user wrote: "Why haven't Twitter banned her from their site! Ffs the women is vile, she shouldn't be given a platform to run her mouth off."

Another suggested drastic action to stem the tide of offensiveness, writing: "Does she actually think about the things before she writes them? Someone needs to give the woman a good slap."

Another contributor said: "You really are disgusting. I hope your children aren't bullied at school due to your lack of compassion and decency."

Another added: "Best way to deal with oxygen thieves like katie hopkins is to ignore them. These people thrive on the negative attention that follows them."

But one Twitter user replied: "'Some of what you say is pure unadulterated BS, but is worth putting up with because the rest is what we all think and daren't say."

Hopkins' opinions saw her dropped last week by This Morning after tens of thousands of people signed a web petition calling for her to lose her spot. It followed a joke she cracked about life expectancy in Scotland, which some web users considered too soon after the Glasgow helicopter crash.