Katie Price star attended the premiere of "The Hunger Games" at London's O2 arena in completely revealing see-through black leggings. Katie matched the item with a low-cut black top, a leather biker jacket and studded black boot, according to The Daily Mail.

The star's black thong and tight fit underwear were clearly seen through her leggings.

Apparently the star created a scene refusing to hand over her mobile phone when asked by the security.

She tweeted: "What an absolute joke! How many parents of children/disabled children know the importance of being able to be contacted if something happens in an emergency???

Me and @wonderwomanshel at the hunger games prem were told to hand our mobiles in...

We explained the importantance to have our mobiles for obvious reasons and they said no!

Hunger Games?? No thanks!! we have all gone for something to eat instead."

"Exactly they treated us like s*** and we are doing them a favour giving them FREE publicity! My kids are more important" she later tweeted, when a fellow star Micheal Heaton also complained about the security asking for their mobile phones.

"Due to anti-piracy measures that were in place, all guests accepted their tickets to the premiere on the understanding that they would have to leave their mobile phones with security during the screening. Katie Price refused to hand her phone to security so was unable to sit through the film," the organisers of the premiere told MailOnline.

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