Ahead of England's first game in football's World Cup on Monday, Kenny the psychic ferret, a resident of Tweddle Children's Animal Farm was consulted. Kenny has a long history of eerily making accurate predictions of the results of crucial local and international matches.

To get his prediction on the opening match in Qatar, the ferret was presented with three food bowls labelled win, lose and draw. Hartlepool Mail reports that Kenny loves to run around and have fun but once he has made his prediction, he settles and does not change his mind.

Eyeing the food in each bowl, Kenny briefly contemplated the bowl marked with "win" but seemed to change his mind entirely and went straight to feed off the "lose" bowl. Some say that this might be a sign of England taking the lead before eventually losing.

Farm hand Maddie Cooper shared, "He's definitely going to be right. He knows what he's doing. He's just a really friendly ferret. He'll give everyone he finds kisses. He loves to lick them and give them lots of kisses. He's very bouncy and he loves to run around."

Despite Kenny forecasting a defeat for the Three Lions, Maddie is still hopeful that they can still bring the trophy home for the first time since 1966. "Hopefully they win. I am not too sure, but I think they're probably going to win," she said.

The animals at Tweddle Children's Animal Farm are known for having the uncanny ability to predict the future. Last year, their psychic lamb Oatesy correctly foresaw Hartlepool United winning in their play-off final against Torquay.

England's first World Cup match is at 1 pm on Monday. They will also be facing the USA team next Friday, November 25. Kenny's psychic wisdom can still be consulted ahead of England's remaining Group B games with America and Wales.

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