North West's Birth Certificate
A copy of the birth certificate obtained by Reuters June 21, 2013, from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (Reuters/County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health)

Ever since the news broke out American reality television star Kim Kardashian and her rapper beau Kanye West have named their child North West, the Twitterverse has been flooded with jokes about the baby's name. The 32-year-old new mother gave birth to her first child on Saturday 15 June and the baby girl's name was revealed a couple of days later.

Initially, many dismissed reports stating that the child's name was North West, and rather chose to believe that the child's name started with a K, like most members of the Kardashian family.

A few publications, in unconfirmed reports, suggested that the child has been named Kai Georgia Dona, Klementine Star, or Kaidence Donda West.

However, when the baby's name was confirmed as North, it came as a shock to many, since Kardashian herself in an interview with Jay Leno in March had said that the name North was the last on her mind. However, she said that she considering the name Easton.

Multiple reports suggest the name North was more father Kanye West's choice and that Kardashian had little to do with it.

Here is a selection of the tweets about the six-day-old baby's name.

@Lord_Voldemort7: So I'm assuming that North West won't be a One Direction fan?

‏@aoifemcmahon31h: Kim&Kanye naming their baby North West is like Alicia Keys naming her baby, Car Keys

‏@9GAG3h: Kim and Kanye named their child North West... that kid's life is already going south.

‏@tastylou4h: Make fun of Kim and Kanye's baby North West all you want. That baby is headed straight to the top..... And slightly to the left

‏@stinsonsays5h: i'm ugly but at least my name isn't north west

@Adam_Lees5h: I still can't get over Kim & Kanye calling their child 'North West' that has to be borderline child abuse, surely?