Bruce Jenner Reuters

American reality television star Kim Kardashian is reportedly worried that her stepfather, Bruce Jenner's alleged sex change operation will ruin her wedding plans.

According to Star magazine,the 33-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star feels that the former Olympic star is intentionally stealing her thunder with his decision "to become a woman."

"Kim is fed up having to field questions about Bruce wanting to be a woman," an insider said, as quoted in the Mirror. "She thinks he's trying to steal her thunder. Kim had her heart set on a traditional ceremony with Bruce walking her down the aisle and giving her away. If he's a woman by then, she absolutely won't have it."

Recently, the National Enquirer reported that the 64-year-old father of six checked into The Beverly Hills Surgical Center for a "laryngeal shave," a surgery to reduce the appearance of Adam's Apple. He was photographed leaving the office with bandages around his neck.

"Bruce says he is finally doing what he wants to do. He knows he will be the butt of a ton of jokes, but he was tired of living his life to make other people happy," a family insider told the Enquirer.

Meanwhile, Bruce's sons Brody and Brandon blame their stepmother Kris Jenner for their father's obsession with plastic surgery.

"The boys don't think their father is trying to become a woman and simply laugh at rumours," a source said.

"They do believe that Bruce became more conscience of his physical appearance and how he looked after Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered," the insider explained. "They blame their step-mother (Kris) for all of the plastic surgery he has had over the years. Kris always encouraged Bruce to have his face nipped and tucked. He has had plastic surgery to remove excess fat above his eyelids. The Adam's apple surgery is just following in that pattern."